Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Peace or Chaos

Yesterday morning I gave the sheep some hay for the first time this season.  What craziness.  The geese were out so they chased the sheep away from one hay feeder to the other and then went over to the other to harass the sheep again.  The motion was like a tornado.

 I finally got the geese to go through the gate, except Prince.  I thought, "oh well one goose won't attack".  Ha, he did.  Finally, I cornered him and took him to where the other geese were.

The animals all move around each other pretty well most of the time, unless food is involved.  And if it is grain in feed bowls the geese are content to have one, but yesterday was chaotic and dangerous.

This morning I hosted a womans' group from church.  After all but Chris had left, I told her about the scene of yesterday morning.  Chris has horses and had earlier been talking about her relationship with her horses.  We strategized and I said I could feed the geese in their run while the sheep had their hay but this would mean waiting for the sheep to finish to let the geese out, (maybe 20 minutes).  Chris reminded me that this was a gift from the geese to give me a time to hang out with the animals or just be in the moment and get ready for the day to come.

A little while ago, I was reading a message, forwarded from a friend, written by a spiritual worker. In the message, she said she woke up this morning to bird songs before she heard the results of the election.  Basically, she said it was the bird songs that were important.  In this time of uncertainty, she suggested staying in touch  with the world we know that supports us.

Leave the worry and anxiety to others and maybe with our inner peace we can feed others.

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