Thursday, May 28, 2015


Finally got help downloading videos.  Here is one everyone has been waiting for.  Why is it everyone is captivated by new babies?  Hard to believe these goslings  are a week old.  In a few days we will see if there are new chicks on the farm.  There are maybe 8+ eggs under the broody hen but who knows how many are viable.

I have a 3 year old great nephew visiting and he is pretty fun to  be around.  He loves to feed watermelon rinds to the chickens and loves everything about the farm.  He told his parents he likes this place better than any other place.  He went to the recycle center today with me and threw the aluminum cans into the container.  The recycle attendant gave him recycling stickers.  When we left, he told his mom he wanted to stay longer.  I guess everything in life is fun at that age.  I am reading Voice of Knowledge, currently, and I am hoping it will bring me back to that feeling in life.

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