Saturday, May 23, 2015

The Goslings Have Arrived

Yesterday morning, when I opened the barn closet door to say good morning to Sal I saw two fuzzy goslings with her.  They are SO beautiful.

Sal continued to sit on the other 5 eggs for the rest of the day while bonking the goslings on the head to keep them in line.  It was very cool yesterday, and I didn't see Sal leave the nest at all.  This morning- still cool and still 2 goslings.  I ran a couple of errands and was thinking I would come home and offer to babysit, when it warmed up, while Sal got a break.  When I got home, Cirrus, Sal and the two goslings where out and about.

Having trouble putting the video on.  Maybe tomorrow.  It was a nice warm day today but it is cool tonight and they want to be out.  What can I say; they are parents now.

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