Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Last Count 23

Some of my family was here for a few days to celebrate two of my sisters' birthdays, but, actually only one of them was here.  Anyway, the hen that has been sitting for the last 3 weeks, hatched out 4 new chicks to add to the birthday excitement with 3 of the 4 hatching on the actual birth date of my sisters.  Here are the latest arrivals.

I was out at the barnyard with one of the great nieces and she asked me, how many animals are here now.  When we counted them all up, there were 23.  

The 3 year old great nephew ask his mom why there were worms in the chimney in the cabin.  When she went to look, she found tails of 2 snakes wrapped around each other dangling in the fireplace from the chimney.  We couldn't get them out, so John put a piece of plywood in front of the fireplace to keep them from coming directly into the cabin.  Later S. asked why he did that because now he couldn't watch the snakes. 

 Ah spring, a time to make more babies.


  1. I think I'd rather have snakes in my hen house than in my chimney.

  2. That is a lot a animals! Maybe lose the snakes, though!