Saturday, May 16, 2015

500 - FIVE HUNDRED- !!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is a quiet day on the farm, a little light rain, 3 new chickens being shown around by rooster boy, Cirrus checking them out, Sal taking a couple of breaks from sitting, 2 black bantams still sitting in a nesting box, sheep grazing, a couple from North Carolina staying in the cabin, Lyndy's foundation sitting in the shade waiting for the build to begin, a few bees buzzing in the fiber studio, a quiet day.  It is going to be busy around here soon so quiet is fine by me.

I finished the 1st stage of downsizing; I now have all of my clothes (except for winter coats) in my closet and they all bring me joy.  Two heavy black bags full and ready to get passed along.  Next is books- I don't think that will be too hard.  After that, papers- not hard but a lot to go through.  And then everything else.  I know when I get to animals it will be Very easy; they all bring me joy except the possum, he/she may have to go with the possibility of goslings next week. Maybe Cirrus will have a talk.

Back to 500, the number of 6 Sheep and a LLama blogs posted.  And the number of unofficial page views for the 500 blogs, 31,575.  Amazing!  "Cleaning Wool With Yuca Root" was the most viewed blog with 150 page views.  Four hundred eighty-five is the tally for comments (thanks Karen) and the rest of you.  I guess some people are still following even though I have been slacking off lately.   Much has changed since December 15th, 2009.

I wonder if I can make it to 1000.


  1. Congratulations on the 500 blog posts. I'm glad we keep writing, even if it's not as often as we used to. I'm always glad to see when you have a new post. I look forward to pictures of the goslings and also of Lyndy's new home.

  2. Wow!! I am so proud of you. I am glad I got you started. I have lots of good ideas even if I don't follow through. Glad you did. I have enjoyed reading each and everyone of your blogs. I know you will make it to 1000.