Sunday, April 6, 2014

Blake 's Awake

Warm weather is finally upon us and there is much that we are starting in the way of spring chores.  John's least favorite, I think, is checking the water in the cabin and turning it on.  Every spring there is a  break in the pipe to fix.  He has to take off this box thing around the pipes since the cabin is log and doesn't have walls for the plumbing.

A few days ago John was in a tight area in the bathroom fixing this year's leaks, when Blake, the resident black snake, greeted him by poking his head up.  John said he looks to be 6 feet long this Spring.  I never did see Blake last year, since I didn't get around much with my broken ankle, and John only saw him a couple of times, which was I think a couple of times too many.  John is not fond of snakes and just tolerates them because of all they do for us.  I like snakes since I met many in trees that I climbed, as a kid.

Lyndy brought me a couple of bottles of Black Snake Mead last year and they are still unopened.
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I hope I will have more encounter with Blake this year, but some very pleasant ones.


  1. Wow, it seems early for snakes, but maybe not indoors.

  2. I've always said - I'd rather come across a Grizzly Bear than a Snake!
    enjoy your warm weather