Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Thousand Words

Since I did not take a picture this morning, I guess I will have to write a thousand words.  Isn't that what they say, "A picture is worth a thousand words"?  It has been so long since I blogged that I should definitely write a thousand words.  Have I used this title before?  After 432 blogs it is hard to remember, but I guess it doesn't matter.

Back to this morning.  I had a table at the camp fair in town, where parents come and see what camp offerings there are for their kids for the summer.  My friend Beverly helped me set up and made the table look beautiful and camp look very inviting.  It was extremely windy and the wind made lugging all the stuff very cold and uncomfortable.  Glad I wasn't alone, making two trips.  Many thanks Beverly!  Once inside, I was warmed by many greetings from parents of last summer's fiber campers who want to return this summer.  I had my camera in my purse to take a picture of the table all set up and then I forgot until I was on my way home.  I almost want to set the table back up, here, but I am too tired.  We had a slideshow, of the pictures we did remember to take last summer, going continuously and we had simple fiber tools the kids have made at camp.  We had 3 small looms in progress, a new knitting (on needles) from finger knitted bulky yarn, a stick & stone drop spindle, homespun yarn, a felted hat on a balloon head, some needle felted pizza and a few baskets filled with a lot of colorful locks, roving, and yarn.  Many adults said they wanted to come to Fiber Camp.

Yesterday, John and I found some fabric we like so I can start the cushions for the wonderful couch he made for the cabin.  Later in the afternoon, I started weedwacking in the lower pasture, to clear out some high stuff the sheep don't eat, and also began cutting out some heavy thatch so the grass can grow better.  The sheep were down there with me supervising but mostly grazing until the afternoon wind and rain kicked up and we all got drenched.

Still waiting for some warmer weather, that lasts more than one day, to bring some new chickens to the farm.  I am glad I am not waiting for lambs in this weather we have been having.  I would love to have lambs around again but first I have to build up a market for fleece sheep.  We are maxed out here for grazing area.  I am glad Karen is going to have MANY goat kids this spring for me to go laugh at and play with.

Not up to a thousand words yet but Jane will question me about the length of this blog if it gets any longer so enough for now.


  1. Susan, the first 2 goat kids arrived this morning. Of course it had to be a cold windy day but at least it made me get outside and added some excitement to the day. More should be arriving in the next few days. We have company for the next 5 days so hopefully they'll see some kids being born.

  2. Sue, This blog was way too short., will have to wait for next time...I can picture you having a great time at the camp fair, feeling great about what you do. Your faithful sister-in-law. cathy