Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Chilly Busy Week

Sunday, I rested mostly, Monday, we put up two fences and I carded some wool, Tuesday, I looked for fabric for a new couch John is building for the cabin, and I went to the Frontier Culture Museum, to look at fences to protect small trees and gave the sheep one of their monthly supplements, Wednesday, I did bookwork for the farm business, lined up my shearer for April, and renewed my business license, Today, I met with our bookkeeper to finish tax preparation, notified our regional Agritourism program about our April farm event and considered fabric for the couch and Tomorrow, I hope to spin some wool to send off to a friend to knit a special hat, order foam for the couch, and update our website, and Saturday, we are going to Charlottesville to have a birthday lunch with Lyndy and look at a discount fabric place for a better price on fabric for the cushions I am making.  What a week.

It sounds like I am running around like a chicken with its head cut off, but actually I am moving slowly and deliberately (like sheep) and enjoying each day (except the bookwork stuff).  I keep thinking I am going to catch up but I guess that is not really possible SO I just make lists and try to accomplish one or two things each day between hanging out with the sheep and other regular day to day activities.

It was work putting up the fence but it is always interesting to watch the sheep watch us.  Tuesday was cold but I always love going to the museum and meeting new animals and getting ideas.

a hurdle fence for many uses

 taking dimensions

first black Tunis sheep I have ever seen

this cute little goat kept slipping under the fence

It has been chilly all week but not so cold if you keep busy.  Too bad we don't have warm
natural coats to keep us warm but then we wouldn't want to sit by the wood stove to spin which is what I really want to do Tomorrow.

Happy birthday coming up Peter.

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  1. That looks like a cold week for sure. Sorry to hear that you had such cold weather. I am sure things will change soon. My husband and I moved to colder climates at the beginning of the year and we still have trouble adjusting. It is not easy to do. Thank you for sharing this with is. Keep it up.

    Meghan Payne @ Denver Book Keeping Service