Friday, March 21, 2014

Happy Spring 2014

Today was a perfect day.  I did my yoga outside while I let the sheep go down to the lower pasture to graze.  Zorra and Rosa, the most curious of the sheep, looked at me for awhile and then went back to grazing.  Then they all came over to see what I was up to.  Charlotte came up and stomped her foot at me.  She stomps her foot when she doesn't like something but I could not figure out why she would feel threatened or be mad.  I guess I have to do my yoga around them more.  I like practicing yoga outside but there is so little flat area so it adds a new awareness.

 Since John wasn't around yesterday,
this was my brain exercise for the day.  This is the stand that holds the barrel that the rainwater from the barn goes into.  I got it back together without too much trouble so I did a brain exercise out of a book too.

Look what is coming up now that Spring has arrived.  This is by the entrance to the fiber studio.

And in the grass I found these lovely blue flowers.

The forecast is for snow again on Tuesday but if it does snow, I know it won't last because......


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