Friday, December 6, 2013

Buttery Tips

The fleeces we washed the other day came out beautiful.  One was Norma Jean's and the other Gretta's.  They are both Cotswold/CVM crosses.  I was curious about other people having this crossbreed of sheep living at their farm so I googled to see what I could find.

They are both fairly rare breeds so one would think to find a cross of these breeds would be unusual.  Except, if a farm was raising rare breeds, these two would likely be present.  And then if there was a cold autumn with not much to do, well ................

I found a site right away and they were selling fleece.  Here is the description, "natural creamy white with buttery tips".

It always amuses to see the words people use to describe things.  Especially if they are for sale.  My recent favorites, mountain blueberry and cherry orchard yogurt that I bought John the other day.  I wonder if the blueberries were really from the mountains.  I guess you can't just say blueberry or it wouldn't be as appealing.  Buttery certainly sounds good, but really, buttery tipped fleece?

Here is a picture of Norma Jean. Can you see her buttery tips?

And where do the buttery tips come from?  Not sure.  Just damaged ends I guess, could be from getting dirty or sun bleached.  That doesn't sound as inviting though if you are trying to sell the fleece.  

All this talk about words-- Norma Jean could care less, she doesn't waste time thinking about such trivial stuff.  You can see what she thinks is important, the hay not the sun hitting her and giving her her buttery tips. 

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  1. Buttery tips - that really IS funny. Some people are great at marketing by using words like that. We all love butter, right? Why not buttery fleece? I know a woman who sells pot bellied pigs (which you often see for free or cheap on Craigslist) for $200.00 because she dresses them up in the cutest costumes for the photos on CL. She sells them time and again for high prices. One person actually asked if the dress the pig was wearing came with the pig. She told me the dress cost $4.00 so of course it came with the pig for that price.