Tuesday, December 17, 2013

A Scramble of Weather

It was a cold and windy morning........ and I woke up and looked out the window to see sheep up by the house.

I quickly got up, threw on some clothes, and went out to make sure everyone was accounted for.  I counted 9 sheep and a llama and decided to check on the chickens too since it was cold and very windy.  The chickens wouldn't leave the barn so I brought a little grain to them.  When I opened the closet to get some sheep minerals, I saw a rabbit huddled in the corner.

Generally sheep don't like wind.  They don't mind cold or snow (if it is not too deep) but wind will usually head them to the barn.  I guess the gate blown open was just too enticing.  They did graze in the lea of the house. (is that how you say it?)

I love to see the change of seasons and the differences the different weather types bring.   Even in a dusting of snow, the chickens don't like to run around out side.  If they do go out or back to the barn you get to see how far a chicken really can fly.

I like the scramble of weather we have been having, too.  Today, is delightful, up to 42 degrees already and sunny.   It makes it easier, dealing with the cold, knowing we can get a hum dinger of a day, anytime.

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