Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Peach Pie, Girl Scouts, and Transformations

I got enough peaches to make a peach pie!  The rest of the peaches disappeared with the squirrel, the rabbits, and the deer looking in different direction saying, "not me".

Oh well, at least they cleaned up the peaches under the tree too and did not leave a mess.  AND the pie was delicious!
I only put a tiny bit of sugar in the pie and it came out sweet even with a few under ripe peaches.  Maybe a little on the "peaches floating in juice side" but that was fine with John and Charlie and me.  Wonder if Wilma got her piece.

A troop of Girl Scouts came to visit the farm and explore fiber, Saturday. We were the stop after the Safari Park but I think they enjoyed Cabin Spring Farm's animals more than all those pesky ones at the Safari Park sticking their heads in the car windows.  I told them Mira might like to live there but the others are probably pretty happy here.

There were 10 Girl Scouts and 6 adults accompanying them so things were a little tight in the fiber shed but it was a fine day so we moved a table outside to needle felt on.  A couple tried their hand at spinning and carding.  They came up with some pretty cute fiber art.

I was really impressed with the way they helped me ( I have graduated to crutches with some weight bearing), showed me what they had made, and thanked me individually.

Three things, at least, have been transformed here on the farm recently.  I am now standing upright most of the day looking at things from a different angle.  I still have to wear the boot but I can put it on the ground and put weight on it.  IT IS SO WONDERFUL TO BE WALKING AGAIN.  It is amazing how quickly it all comes back.  For long distances I still use two crutches and for short jaunts, I can get by with one.  It is harder to carry things but I am figuring that out.  Not even sure where the wheelchair is, but probably in my fiber studio. It is still easier to move many things back and forth using   the wheelchair.  I have been reorganizing a lot lately.

Violet got transformed too.  How many pickup golf carts have you seen?  She is very helpful for moving things from place to place but not in the fiber studio.

We cleaned out the water trough yesterday;  mostly John did but I helped as much as I could.  The trough had its summer algae issues and now you can see the trees and sky reflected in it.  It was nice to see Effinger and Clementine again too .  They have grown so much since the beginning of summer.  Also living with them, we found a frog and five or six salamanders.

This isn't the best picture of Cher but I never have my camera at the right time.  She is transformed as well.  She finally got sheared last week.  I will get a better soon.  Cher was pretty good while getting sheared, at least she didn't kick.  John gave her alot of physical and moral support.  John was great.  All I could do was give Cher quiet nods of assurance but she seemed to appreciate that.

Cher is still talking to us and seems to like her transformation.  I know I love mine.

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