Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Moving Right Along

Moving right along, I am now walking with no support from crutches most of the time, but still wearing the boot for the most part.  I still have to take a crutch with me when I travel about the farm on uneven ground, and there are still places too scary to get to because of slippery slopes.  I will soon be cleaning the barn independently again, SO, we thought it would be a good idea if I took a mini vacation before returning to farm chores.

Actually, Lyndy invited me to go camping and the timing turned out perfectly.  We went to the Carolina Beach State Park on the  North Carolina coast for three days.  It was wonderful to be bobbing in the ocean again.  Some things are still a little tricky to do but I am definitely getting back strength and mobility.  I must now keep reminding myself to remember the things I learned the past 8 weeks.

Kids from a summer school program came out to visit the farm today.  Cher is beginning to enjoy having visitors since she now knows it means extra treats.  Gretta and a few others like visitors too, but many of the rest of the sheep chose to stay in the barn when the kids came today.  It was a great group of kids and I really enjoyed them, even though they didn't give me snacks.

Two more weeks of Fiber Camp coming up the last two weeks of August and I can't wait.  I love Fiber Camp.  I have a couple of things to figure out; it is fun to keep changing things and that means exploring different ways to do things.

It is always interesting, to me, to see momentum for anything build, and then, at some point, things take off and move right along as they should.

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