Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013's First Egg Has Arrived

Today, I found a special gift; the first egg of 2013.

I heard the hens cackling, which some people say means they have laid an egg.  I have not found this to be particularly true.  I headed up to the trees behind the barn and two of the hens and one rooster were just hanging out and cackling.  I saw no eggs.  But since I have not heard this sound in quite some time I decided to check up on top of the closet in the barn, and there it was- the first egg of the year.  Brown was in the barn, but quiet.  The egg was warm so I thought maybe she was the one who produced the egg.  It was her color.  I think Black lays pinkish eggs and the araucana of course lays blue/green eggs.

So if there are any chicken experts out there, I hope someone will advise about the cackle.  Anyway, there was a very nicely put together nest and a precious brown egg.  Funny how when the eggs are coming every day and many, we tend to not appreciate the miracle that they truly are.

Very timely, too.  We are having guests in the cabin this weekend.  I put the first one in the refrigerator down there and hope that there will be a couple more before Saturday morning.

I am thinking maybe Lyndy has been sending messages on the wind asking the hens to resume their laying before her visit next week.  She will be very happy.

I also noticed Mr. Black was giving Black some special attention today.  It was the first time I have noticed this since he came.  Do roosters only do the fertilizing when they know eggs are coming or was this just a coincidence?

Karen once said you have to have chickens to be a farmer.  What if you have chickens but don't know much about them?

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