Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The LLama and the European Sparrow

The daughter and 2 granddaughters of an old friend came to visit Cabin Spring Farm.  We had a great time.  The two little ones, L- 5 years old and H- almost 2 years old, love animals and L especially likes llamas.

One morning L and I went to feed Cher and the sheep and she told me she was dressed like a llama, in brown and gray.  She did a great impersonation of a llama and Cher ate out of her hand.  It is unusual for Cher to trust a person this young, but L knew to move slowly and be patient.  I asked L what animal I was dressed like, and after a moments thought, she told me I was dressed like a European Sparrow.  She told me they could be almost any color and certainly brown and green and blue.

After feeding the animals, we came up to the house and L picked out some bits of colored fleece and watched me spin some yarn.  While educating me about the birds at our bird feeder, she used the yarn to weave a small project with some nice tails hanging out.  She has a wonderful imagination and superb artistic  talents.  Unfortunately no European sparrows came to the feeder.

The day our visitors came, we had a "No School Fiber Day" for President's Day.  The kids decided they wanted to make some slippers, so we wet felted them right on their feet.  The pair below was made and decorated by M and I.  The dots and stripes were needle felted on and two straps,  around the heel were done by making an I cord and a bit of finger knitting.   The pair above was wet felted over L's feet, shrunk to H's size and was needle felted my their mom.

I have learned a lot this week.  Kids are amazing teachers.

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