Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Over the River and Through the Woods

Gramma's house isn't connected to the world wide web so Merry 2nd Day of Christmas.  A quick trip to be with family for 2 and a half days.  Oh the memories it brought back, including driving in a scary snow storm.  Fortunately, we were traveling in opposite directions so our trip down memory lane was fairly brief.

Back on the Farm the animals were glad to see me, especially since I had feed in my hand.  Our neighbor said the chickens stayed in the barn all day.  About and inch and a half of wet snow fell here while we were gone.

I am glad winter has arrived with the much needed precipitation but it is difficult when so many are traveling over the holidays.

Now to look back over 2012 and think about what to add to life on the farm for 2013.  

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