Monday, December 10, 2012

It's Like They've Known Each Other All Their Lives

Mr. Black and Dodo Bird have come to live on the farm.  They spent yesterday in the coop getting acclimated.  The sheep and Cher were not sure what to think about all the crowing or whatever so they were a bit skidish.  I didn't see the rest of the chickens come around so don't know what they thought initially.

This morning, John went down to let the new guys out of the coop and they seemed quite at home.  A few hours later I went down and the chickens were all hanging out together like best buddies.

The chickens all stayed in the barnyard area and barn all day so I didn't know if the roosters knew how to fly over the fence until later in the day.  At dusk, I went to see if the roosters had returned to the coop.  They had not, so I went to check out the barn and found Dodo Bird perched where the araucana usually sleeps high up on a beam.  I guess he likes heights.  The others seemed to be on top of the barn closet.

I wonder why the araucana decided not to sleep on that beam and why Dodo picked that one.  More mysteries.  The mysteries are one of the things that makes farming fun.  Can't wait for tomorrow.

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  1. Those 4 new roosters are still living here. They really don't know they can fly and haven't left the garden area. Some hens have come over to meet them though.

    Enjoy the new boys.