Wednesday, April 25, 2012

You Should Have Been Here

You should have been here and to those of you who were-THANKS.  Some friends took pictures on Saturday so there is still hope that you may get to see how much fun was had by all.  Well maybe not the sheep.  They were actually pretty cooperative, though.  I probably should not have had Mary shorn on Sunday but I did not realize how cold it was going to get after that.  On top of her general condition of late, the cold made things worse and she has not been doing well for the last 3 days.  She has been in the barn but I don't know if she is strong enough to pull through.

Setting up Sunday Morning

 All the fleece is beautiful

Gretta's spots are visible again

Inviting even with the rain coming

My energy shifts back to the sheep, and today, while watching Mary, I cleaned and raked around the barn.  With the rain, I have been able to put all the patient plants in the ground in the hedge row and the two trees for the lower pasture were planted as well.  

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