Friday, April 13, 2012


Since Beau's death a week and a half ago, I have been in a different place. It has brought up a lot of feelings. I think the serious operation a friend underwent, the close forest fires, and the two deer ticks on my head in two days have added to the low. As I told a friend the other day, I have been teetering.

Finally, I went to what often helps me to make a difference. I open a book (any book) to wherever and read the message for me. This time I opened Ode magazine and looked down. It read,

"Martina's new method adheres to Albert Einstein's adage that a problem can only be solved on a different level from the one on which it arose. Healing takes place on a higher level than the physical level of illness. The connection with higher consciousness imparts new life force."

O.K. that was the jolt to remind me of what I needed to do- do a Holodynamic tracking of the feelings I have been having. So it turns out that it came back to one of the repeated themes in my life "not having enough information to make a decision". I used to have reoccurring dreams on this theme. I haven't had one in awhile.

The immature holodyne was a book with blurred writing and the positive intent was that it wanted me to rewrite the pages. When I asked the question of how I could rewrite the pages without the information a new mature holodyne came to me. It was a huge ear, and the message was to LISTEN.

I have been listening for two days and I feel so much better. I am beginning to get some of the information but I need to keep listening.

On a lighter note, I spent the whole day with the animals. I opened the top pasture after putting up another new electric fence to protect the hedgerow. I called the sheep to join me in the upper pasture through an opening in a previous electric fence but they would not come. They were afraid of the fence that was there but now was invisible. I finally enticed them with some grain but when they saw the grass that awaited them in the new/old pasture most of them didn't care about the grain anymore.

They went back and forth from the upper pasture to the barnyard and each time it was "who is going to go first and test the opening". I made some interesting observations today (I listened). It will be fun to see how they react tomorrow.

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