Thursday, April 19, 2012

Getting Closer All the Time

One more day before the BIG day. The first official farm event is this weekend. "Sheep Shearing and the Journey to Fiber Art". I keep watching the forecast and it seems to change each day. Now we are suppose to have a 50% chance of Thunder Showers Saturday and 30% chance of rain Sunday, much better than what was mentioned a few days ago. Can't complain we need the rain just wish it would rain mostly on the plain or up in the mountains or just where the forrest fires have been burning- but wait we need rain too. And thunder showers are so magnificent here so all will be fine.

We got much done today and it seems like we are on target but of course there are all of those last minute things. Two of the fiber artists and someone selling roving are coming tomorrow to help set up and run through things so I will probably feel more in control then. Not that you can control anything like this. I keep wondering if there will be 6 people or 400. The local artists' studio tour should bring many people but it is their first year too.

I am excited in many ways but try to stay as much in the present as I can and not think of too many scenarios. Time to sleep.

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  1. I really enjoyed myself yesterday. Thanks for a great fiberarts show!