Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Sounds of an Autumn Day

All Summer I have been trying to figure out where the honey bees live that collect pollen on the farm. Yesterday, I decided they must live in the buzzing tree.

One of the huge Walnut trees on the farm was buzzing. It has what I thought were large fungus but when I heard the buzzing I decided to explore further. Check this out.

I will have to ask James how to make it so one can zoom in on a picture. How cool is this. I saw a film where some natives climbed a cliff and had a long handled saw and cut away most of the hive and the bees rebuilt onto the remains of the old. I want to get some better binoculars so I can see close up. The sound was amazing. And then I heard a Canadian Goose fly over and then a WOOSH of a flock of migrant birds. I love the sounds of autumn but the sheep and Beau continued browsing and grazing without looking up.

I am so blessed to come home from a long day of work and be able to wander and listen to the sounds of the season and let go of all the day's stress.

John's favorite sounds on the farm also come from above. He loves the fighter jets that go over sometimes. Occasionally, they go right overhead and I have to put my hands over my ears. That catches the animals attention.

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  1. Maybe all the homeless bees have found their way to your place, the land of honey.