Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Way Sheep and Goats Are Different

Karen and I are going to another worm workshop tomorrow so we are collecting fecal samples. While I am out staring at sheep butts for an hour she is probably watching soaps and eating bon bons. If you want a goat sample, she tells me, she walks out and they deposit all she wants at her feet. Well at least I guess this means it takes me less time to clean the barnyard.

There is a popular event called cow pie bingo. You basically just draw out a bingo card in a pasture type area and participants guess where the first cow pie will land. I think they always use cattle but maybe it would be more suspenseful if they used sheep. If you used goats the whole thing would be over in a minute and no one would know who the winner was.

I am back from a great vacation and all the animals are glad to see me. Sometimes they ignore me for a day but not this time. It was hard getting up early this morning and leaving them to go to work. I am glad for the work and a little money but I need more time with the animals and not when I am tired. I think I need an afternoon job. And now tomorrow, a Saturday, I have to get up early again and leave them for several hours. I am doing it all for them but I don't think they know that. (Well,, partly for them.) Tomorrow is definitely for them.

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  1. It was a good day and well worth being away from our animals if only to learn that we have so much more to learn.

    Thanks for everything, and most of all, for being my friend.