Thursday, September 1, 2011

Getting Ready for Vacation

What's easier than young kids but harder that dogs? Leaving behind sheep, chickens, and a llama while we go on vacation.

With a dog, it's "here's the leach, this is how much food for dinner, and not too many treats." You know when they need to go out. With young kids it can get very complicated. With sheep, chickens, and a llama it's, " here is the different foods, this is how much, here are the water buckets- and you fill them from these rain barrels, here are the minerals in the closet which is also where the hens are laying for the most part lately, Mira's foot seems better, Jumpin Jack seems fine, here is the vet's number, neighbor's numbers, and my cell number, collect the eggs, open the coop in the morning when you get up and close it at dusk after the chickens go in for the night, open half the gate in the morning and clip the other half and close the full gate at night. And, if the wind blows, make sure no leaves from the wild cherries fall in the pasture and wilt.

And then after the loud squawk, "oh yeah, the chickens are completely free range". That part actually came first when I was showing my animal sitting friend the rounds. Her dog is familiar with farm animals but decided to chase Brown One or was it Brown Two. Anyway, she wasn't harmed but she lost a lot of feathers and looks funny. She doesn't even seem traumatized. She was out and about with the sheep and Beau this evening before dark.

Sounds like a lot but much of the instructions is precautionary and she doesn't have to milk anyone. The good news for me is--- I only had to give instructions once. I am SO thankful my friend has volunteered to stay over!!

After all the instructions were given and my friend went home, I ate my dinner and then went down and hung out with the sheep. The evenings are cooler now and they were frolicking in the pasture and making me laugh. I love having sheep, a llama, and chickens.

And I love vacations.

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