Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Was This When?

Was this when I decided to start blogging? One of my sisters and a friend kept encouraging me to start a blog. As with the book I am writing, first it was "no", then "no" , then I don't know, then O.K. O.K.
When I was thinking about it, I thought there really wasn't much to say and then last week each day something extraordinary happened. There were the Reindeer tracks in the snow and mud, the cristal pitcher in the water bucket, and then this picture of Beau in the barn with the snow coming down. My daughter Lyndy said she was going to use it for her desk top for awhile. It has taken me a week to figure out this blog thing and I am still not sure how it works BUT here goes.
I am writing this blog to journal my beginnings as a farmer. This way I can keep track of what I did when or so they say. I really do think I was born to be a farmer. I have VERY fond memories of being on my grandmother's farm when I was 4 or 5. A wonderful farm house with a warm inviting kitchen, A HUGE (as I remember it) Rock where we used to go for picnics of sugar sandwiches, and a horse named (Hoosat) for who is that. She should see me now. No horses but 6 sheep and a llama.
Sure took me awhile to get here but then if you talk to anyone that knows me, they will tell you it takes me awhile to do ANYTHING.

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  1. Great start Sue. I loved it especially the part about born to be a farmer but taking a long time to get here. I wish I could remember Grandmother's farm. I know I was there but way too young to remember.