Monday, December 21, 2009

As Fred Rogers would say, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood". It is two days after the big snow. Our shovels are put to the side for the most part, my snow shoes are parked, ( but wait- that's how I can get the compost to the compost pile), and our road is plowed. I don't really need or want to get out but it is nice to know that friends and neighbors can get here now.
This is one of those days that is starting out with everything going right, especially in the barn. I needed to give one of the sheep (Amelia) something for worms and cut some of her dirty fleece. As with everything you do with sheep, getting the right one where you want it and everyone else out of the way is the challenge, the job you have come to do is the easy part (or at least so far). Well today John and I went out to the barn with tools in hand and a plan and Amelia walked up to us and went into the pen ALONE and looked at us as if to say, "here I am". Truly AMAZING! John held her while I squeezed the stuff in her mouth and she took it easily. Then I stood next to her and decided to try to flip her the traditional one person way and it worked! John held her in the flipped sheep position while I clipped some of her dirty fleece and we were done. NOTHING could have gone any easier. The rest of the sheep and Beau were, of course, hanging around outside the pen giving moral support but not in the way.
I write this now, to remind me later, that some times everything goes right. How do I put a star on this post?

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  1. Does this mean I'm fired as a helper? John must have a way with the sheep. Way to go John. Like you, I worry about someone getting stuck in the snow, especially the chickens.