Sunday, December 27, 2009

Finally, a patch of GREEN. Unfortunately it wasn't in the sheep pasture; but rather the lawn of the cabin. So how to get them out one gate and in another. This was the first time any of the sheep have been out of their pasture since their arrival except for Amelia who had to go to the vet the second day she was here. (That is another story.) Beau (our guard llama) has been out a couple of times with his halter and once when he escaped going out the gate with the tractor. Memories came back of how hard it was to get him back. But, the patch of grass was growing bigger by the cabin and Lyndy said Hildegard looked depressed so we decided to give it a try. I got some hay and started walking toward the gate with Beau immediately following, but the girls hesitated when it meant walking through the snow. With a little encouragement they soon followed as well. With John and Lyndy in their places, the gates were opened and I led Beau and the sheep to the new area. When they got through the second gate they eyed the clear patch and left me and the hay behind and started chomping away on the greeeen grass.
John and Lyndy both said, "good luck getting them back".
Every sheep farmer I have ever talked to said sheep will follow you anywhere if you rattle a little grain in a bucket. After a good time was had by all I put it to the test. It could not have been easier getting the critters back to the barn for a snack of grain and a bit of hay. We did notice awhile later that they were all trying to retrace their steps back to greener pastures not hesitating at the snow this time. Sorry girls. Sorry Beau. Hope they don't figure out the gate latch.


  1. Oh, how I'm looking forward to green grass. Sounds like things went smoothly.

  2. Congrats shepardess mom on leading your flock to and from greener pasture. I wish I had a picture of you and your staff that would have completed the image.