Saturday, January 19, 2019

A fine winter

It has been a good winter.  So far.  Some nice snow, a few nights of very cold temperatures, and some beautiful mornings.

This I say after some new snow and a calm day with the snow covering the mud and frost heaves.  We have had plenty of precipitation !!! mostly rain but some ice and some beautiful snow.  The animals don't complain but do appreciate some extra hay and grain.  And occasionally they like me to bring the hay to the barn.

Henry took these great pictures.  He is my farm helper, apprentice fiber tech and an all round wizard as I know I have mentioned before.  He can fix most things I put in front of him.  The other day he set up a sewing machine he had never seen before.  He knew how to thread it and knew when it didn't work, it was a belt.  He took the machine apart and adjusted the belt and off we went.  This was a machine I got at the habitat store for 6 dollars.

When you live in such a special peaceful spot, it isn't hard to stay home and play with fiber.  Unfortunately, I am still putting out mostly prototypes but do manage to get some product to the farmers market.  This week, I gave a young woman from nearby, some yarn to make a few hats.  When I told a friend, she offered to make a few too.  I am excited at the thought of new products.
I try to keep the sheep up to date with products that are being made from their fleece but they don't seem too interested.  When this snow melts and they get back over to the cabin for some grazing, that will capture their interest.

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