Tuesday, January 29, 2019

2019's First Egg Laid at Cabin Spring Farm

The dirty egg on the left is the one the Dorking hen laid a couple of days ago.  I was so surprised.  I guess we are getting more light.  Two days later she laid another!
So nice to have fresh eggs again.

The yoke below that is larger and orange is hers.  SO BEAUTIFUL

I want to get more chickens again this spring.  I really like having chickens around and they are so quiet unlike some other birds that live here.  I told the geese that if they are going to be so loud around me they better be that noisy when intruders come their way.  I think they are.

 Little Gray came down to the barn with me this evening and the doe that doesn't like us was out.  She stares at me but mostly stares past me at Little Gray.  She chased Little Gray several months ago and he has not forgotten and stays close to me.  Why does she feel that a small cat is such a threat?

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