Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Boundary Layer

The Boundary Layer is a good place to spend the winter.  Maybe that is why the sheep seem to lay down more in the winter.  The interface between atmosphere and the earth is how Robin Wall Kimmerer describes it.

Basically it is just about how there are many layers of air flow rather than just the same kind of air everywhere above the earth.  All kite flyers know it takes a lot of running to get your kite to the right level to take off, on a still day.  The "boundary level" is the first level above the earth's surface or a leaf's surface.  That is where moss lives and where there is always a little moisture.

One of my rain barrels drips ever so slightly.  The chickens know this, so when they are thirsty they go over and try to find a drop in the spicket.  If that doesn't work, there is always moist leaves or grass there because it isn't as subject to evaporation as a drop at a higher altitude.

The other day, I was sitting/laying in the "boundary layer" while all the critters were out grazing below the driveway.  It was delightful there but it wasn't an exceptionally cold day.  It was interesting when all the sheep decided to go over to the cabin lawn and ran right past me.  I completely trusted them not to run over me and they gave me plenty of space.

It is extremely windy today so I think I will go check out the difference in the "boundary layer" when I go to feed the animals.

When I used to live by the ocean,  in New England, I was alway intrigued by the interface between land and sea.  I spent a lot of time in that space and thought about it quite a bit.  I was even going to write a book about that place (remember Jane?)

I would like to suggest to all my friends and family in New England today, where they are getting over a foot of snow, ......  make snow angels in the "boundary layer"

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  1. I love lying in the boundary layer too. I remember lying on the English Downs years and years ago, along with the sheep. Actually, it was like I was felled, there was such a compulsion to get my spine supine on that well-cropped surface.