Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Different Points of View

I was thinking one day, while laying in the boundary layer looking up at the sky, how most of us living at Cabin Spring Farm, see differently.

Cirrus  and the rest of the geese, also look to the sky,but when they do, they completely tilt their head. One eye is looking at the dirt and the other at some bird at great heights.  The last time I observed one of the geese looking up, there was a formation of geese or duck or other large migratory birds.  So high and quiet, I would have never noticed them if it were not for my farm friend.  But even though it looks like their eyes are on the side of their head and they look to the sky with one eye, they look straight into my eyes when looking at me.

Red, here, has a similar way of seeing the world I think.  She picks up on hawks and other threats from the sky, but uses sound or vibration or something else, to search for her  favorite food, insects, while cocking her head from side to side.

Amelia, doesn't ever seem to look up to the sky.  This time of year, I am not sure how much she sees through her curly locks.  I always wonder if she wishes these locks were with her all year aiding as sunglasses,

or does she wish she had an open face like, Zorra, Gretta, Rosa, and not pictured here, Sarah and Annie.

I often feel a sensory overload, so I am not sure I want to be able to move my eyes into so many directions  and take in so much more.

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