Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Summer Time and the Living is Not So Easy

So just when I was feeling guilty about not writing a blog recently, I went to my blog list and mine was the latest on the list. I guess it is just too hot to think.

It has been an interesting summer.  It seemed sort of typical and then it got hot and humid.  It gets hot here but not for so many days in a row and not SO humid.  The sheep look at me like, when is it going to cool off ? and I just say, "O.K. , I will leave the fan on."

 We are going to have a huge electric bill.  First of all, we have had the air conditioner on most of the day for the last week and a half instead of just a couple of hours.  Then there is the comfort of the sheep to consider.  And the last 3 nights we have had a young newly wed couple spending their honeymoon in the cabin with two  air conditioners going day and night, I think.  ka ching, ka ching. With all of our   comfort features in place we have been comfortable but what about the living creatures that don't have that luxury.  I guess the animals know what to do, if they have the comforts they need available to them.

  I have some friends that do not have air conditioning in their homes.  Maybe they are riding around in their cars or maybe just sitting in front of a fan like the sheep do, sometimes.  We are headed to a wedding, soon, in a place warmer than here.  I think we will be in air-conditioning most of the time but we will still feel the effects, I'm sure.

At least we have been having scattered showers.  Sometimes that cools things off for a short period but then it gets steamy.

I think feathers is the answer.  The geese don't seem to notice the heat and the chickens roll in the hot dust.  I have been trying to get some things done and trying to sweat off some pounds but I have not been very successful on either count.

Occasionally, I can talk myself in to doing more than just barnyard chores in the early hours.  I took a bunch of pictures the other morning and they make things look like everything is lovely.  Well it is lovely-- just hot.  I must try to go through all of those pictures and post a few and remember how it felt, that morning, when the living was easy.

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