Saturday, August 13, 2016

Finding an Easier Way

Trying to find an easier way to get pictures to the blog-- this may work.

A series of early morning pictures taken the other day.  I love zinnias.  I also love the leaf of the fig tree.  This is probably the most protected spot on the property.  Maybe we will have figs in a few years.

We ate one peach off the peach tree this year.  The frost got most of the blossoms  and then, of course a few dropped off and were eaten by some lucky animals.  We had ours with some vanilla ice cream.

The goslings have almost made it through that awkward feather/ fluff stage.  Prince likes to follow Cirrus around and act like dad.  John probably likes having another male on the farm (they are way out numbered) but Cirrus has been going after John a little since he is not the main feeder anymore, and Prince is starting to follow suit.

The sheep have been checking out the new fawn that seems like it is all alone.

Still HOT but we are managing.  Good weather to sit in an air conditioned house and figure out an easier way to get photos to the blog. Hum-- I guess another hot day will be devoted to the task but maybe Lyndy will have insight into this.  Here are a couple of recent pictures of her tiny house.

 The blue tape is where kitchen shelves will be.

The floor is done and the electric is all hooked up.  Now there is a working fan and even an air conditioner.

Getting closer to moving time.


  1. My phone and tablet download pics right into my google photos account. When I post picture I choose "from your phone" and all my images are right there. Good luck figuring out a method. (Loving the images of your tiny house!)

  2. I think the floor and ceiling of the tiny house are so beautiful as are your zinnia's. I must grow zinnia's next year. Johnny's seeds? xo

  3. I love zinnias and fig leaves too. I'm glad you're able to post pictures now.