Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My Wonderful Neighbor, Kitty

Today, I finally dropped everything to go visit my wonderful neighbor, Kitty.  I have been thinking about her a lot lately and decided I needed to go see her.

On May Day (May 1st) Cathy was here and she and Lyndy and I delivered wild flowers in tussy mussies that Cathy and Lyndy made.  Kitty  was our first recipient.  We chatted a few minutes and I told here I would be back soon to visit.  Is one month soon?  And it was a long month.

 I have been trying really hard to make sure the important things get done, when so much is going on.  I have been doing pretty good but today's visit gave me some important confidence that I am on the right track.

I love visiting with Kitty.  We laugh a lot and always come around to talking about snakes and today, bears, as well.  We talk about so many things.  Kitty was talking about her grandson and about how much he knows and doesn't realize he knows.  He just graduated from VA Tech and immediately got hired to work with a wildlife organization in NC.  He is a pretty amazing person and I like to talk to him when he is visiting his parents or grandmother, Kitty.

I thanked Kitty for all she has done for me and thanked her for who she is.  She said she didn't think she had done anything for me and I told her it was like David not knowing how much he knew, she just didn't realize what knowledge she has given me and gifts.  I am so glad I took the time to go and tell her that today.  Now, if  I don't do another good thing this week,  I have done enough.

Kitty is one of those people you want to go and help because there is much that she can't do these days.  But when you go, you realize, you are the greatest benefactor.  The love, the laughter, the stories.  Today, it was the story about the 5 foot black snake in her kitchen drawer.  I think I have heard this one before, but it is new when she is telling it.

Kitty is a wonderful basket maker and reads constantly.  I was telling her about a wonderful book I am reading (more on this later) and about a chapter on basket weaving and she told me about baskets she has made of all sizes, including a wool drying basket.  Then we talked about various ways I dry wool and problems involved.  Kitty always has great suggestions.  We talked about upcoming fiber camp and how I am overwhelmed with finding places to stash wool and finding the most space I can for 11 fiber campers to work.  Again, some great advice from Kitty.

  I hope everyone has a Kitty in their life .

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