Friday, June 24, 2016

Fiber Camp Summer 2016

 It is still really hard to post pictures but here are some finally.

We had 10 campers, a junior camp counselor, and 2-3 adults for both sessions.  Even the chickens joined us.  We had a Super time and it was fun to see some complex projects accomplished.  But where are the pictures of these projects, somewhere.

One of my favorite parts of camp is to see friendships develop and see the encouragement the campers give each other.

Always interesting to have new people join us, as potential fiber artists or assistants.

I love when the kids except challenges, challenge themselves, and make plans.

And then, there are those that like to fix equipment, and build up stock between projects.

I wish this weaving showed up better.  It was quite something.

More wet felting than usual,  you just never know what the kids will want to explore.

And most  like to do there thing regardless or what everyone else is doing.

What a great group of future fiber artists.

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