Saturday, November 21, 2015

Perfect Timing Today

This morning, John and I went to pick up hay, three weeks later than past years.  Our hay supplier asked how many square bales I wanted and I said, "as many as you can get on the truck".  That number turned out to be 33.  On the way home, I started thinking about how hard it was going to be to get up on the truck and get all that hay off with it packed high and tight.

As we came up the final hill to our farm, we met a neighbor and friend coming to see us.  Another gift! By the time they got up to the barnyard, I had gates open and swept the hay area.  They were excited about helping to unload and one volunteered to drop the bales down from the truck while the rest of us stacked.  I supervised the stacking and maybe moved 3 or 4 bales myself.  That was the fastest we ever did that chore.  Thank you Mike and Lance!

Since the geese now have to spend the night in the run and the weather is suppose to get colder, I constructed a cozy spot for the geese.  I was going to make another small wood structure but decided to use straw bales, 2 small fence posts and a piece of cattle panel instead (for now).

I guess I will have to clean the geese tub more often now since they will be in it more being confined for so many hours.  I cleaned the puddle pond out a few days ago and it looks so nice.  The geese like it again.

Three important jobs I can check off.  Pictures tomorrow.

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