Saturday, November 14, 2015

It Is SO Quiet, Today

I can't hear the geese or the sheep.  I think everyone is lounging in the sun on a cool day.  I will go to investigate after writing this in the silence.

Besides the animals, the wind has been so loud the last couple of days.  And then there was the hammering yesterday (on the tiny house), with a strange kind of echo.

I was knitting with a neighbor the other day and we were swapping stories about the sounds we hear.  We had been hearing the train and speedway, a few days previous, and they are both over 10 miles away.  She can't hear either and was surprised I could.  Her sounds were hers.  Around here, what you hear depends on if you are on top of a hill or in a hollow, or if you have stone above you to echo back sounds.

I remember going to sheep dogs trials at another neighbors place a few years back.  The trainers use commands or whistles to direct the dogs out on the range, to circle the sheep, but it seemed like the dogs were getting the signals just too late to be efficient.  I think it was because of sounds bouncing around due to a combination of wind direction and Short Hill.

The refrigerator is so loud.  Amazing what you do hear when things are so quiet.  We have been reading and talking about fan and pump noises in tiny houses.  I think the best thing is to have everything manual instead of automatic, so one can decide when the noise will happen.

The tiny house is coming along nicely.  I will take new pictures when I go down to the barn. And speaking of pictures, I love this one Lyndy forwarded to me last night.

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