Monday, December 29, 2014


Gifts are Important.  It is a shame that giving gifts stress people, but that is important too.  And receiving gifts is an art and act that is equally important.

 Now that being said, not all gifts are equal.  There are gifts that will be treasured always and gifts that are immediately put in a pile to be re-gifted.  The important thing, from my way of thinking, is that in giving gifts we need to realign ourselves with the people we are giving gifts to and think about what is important to them, what their interests are, what their needs might be etc.  It is the process of stepping outside of ourselves that can be important.  If this can be done successfully, we might gain some new perspectives.

So this is where I have difficulties.  Someone once told me that you should give gifts you would like to receive.  I thought that sounded great but I'm not sure.  If you give a gift certificate for body work to someone that you love so that they can feel better, is that a good gift?  What if this loved person has not yet come to understand how special "hands on" treatment can be.  Still a good gift?  It is something I would love to receive, something I understand the benefits of.  I want the gift to be  "relief from tiredness and aches and pains".  That, I know would be a good gift.  I am just not sure I have successfully stepped outside of myself.

On Christmas Day, my mother-in-law had an encounter with an unusual step.  The encounter necessitated her visiting the emergency room of the local hospital.

On Christmas Eve, John's mom received many material gifts.  She is an amazing person.  She is an active gal with many interests so it is not hard to find a gift that you think she might enjoy.  I bet you though, that her favorite gifts were the pouring out of love and reassurance that she received after the encounter with the step.  She would probably tell you that taking care of the house needs and spending extra time with her were other favorite gifts.  I'm just guessing.  I am sure she would also like these special gifts to be re-gifted but not in the usual sense.

I think the hardest part for some people is receiving gifts.  Is it about not feeling you deserve something?  Is it about not feeling the other person can afford to give the gift?  All I can say here is TRUST that the person giving the gift knows what they are doing.

The only gifts the animals received for Christmas from me, was making sure they were cared for by loving people while I was away.  Soon I will give them "hands on" hoof trimming.  They haven't really come to enjoy this yet but it must feel so much better after and all I want for those I love is Joy.

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