Monday, December 15, 2014

First 1/3 of December

I am looking at December in 1/3s this year. The idea was to work on the pouches, pockets, purses, and puppets fiber project the first 1/3. Decorate and Christmas shop, the 2nd 1/3 and be in a quiet space the last 1/3.

 I didn't anticipate a cold beginning to December and a crazy accident.  So in addition to my fiber project, I spent the first 1/3, winter tending to animals, including 2 plug-in buckets, 2 feed bowls, 2 of everything for the geese since Sal had to be in a sss (separate small space) for a week. (That is a lot of ,s)  The fiber project culminated in a holiday shopping evening at Boxerwood. The event was a success in my book and a good day for me making connections and money.    Here are a couple of pictures.  I am proud of myself for remembering to take a few pictures though I didn't get pictures of the whole festive event, some of the puppets are missing, and not good pictures of pouches and pockets.  Oh well- some day.

So now, on to the 2nd 1/3, with many extras added in.  It doesn't matter as long as the 3rd 1/3 is reflective and quiet.


  1. Congrats! I love your creations, Sue. Don't stop now, you're on a roll! cathy xo