Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Feel Like A Farmer Again

The rain let up a little and the ground dried out enough that yesterday, I could get my wheelchair down to the barnyard and through the gate.  I took some treats with me and all 9 sheep came up to my wheelchair, even Annie.  We got grain all over my lap and boot and everywhere.  Later, I had to take the boot off and shake it out.  I still ended up with grain in bed, and then it rained again, real hard.  Now that I am getting around better, I find the boot is getting dirtier.  I feel like a farmer again.

I still get tired easily and have to stop and put my foot up.  My skin is still sensitive around the ankle.  I am still clumsy. But, each day is better, mostly.  I can't believe there might still be 3-5 more weeks of this, but what is THIS.  Things change everyday.  Maybe tomorrow's THIS will be better than today's.

I have been spending some pleasant time in the fiber shed everyday.  It is a wonderful space.  I have been doing a bunch of different things instead of focussing on a bigger project, but I guess that is O.K.
Doing a lot of reading on many types of simple weaving and looking at all kinds of simple tools.

John came in to tell me he found Brown Hen dead.  No signs of struggle, no mussed feathers.  It was early evening when he found her and the rest were roosting in the barn.  She was fine a few hours before.   Brown was one of the original chickens I bought John for his birthday a few years ago.  It is especially sad because the 4 got along so well together and made a great flock.  Don't know what happened to her but the sadness of her death makes me feel like a farmer again.

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