Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Getting Around the Farm

My friend Karen said I broke my ankle so I could get a golf cart for the farm.   Not really, but it IS really cool.

The animals still won't come up to it but they aren't really frightened of it either.  At least it gets me down to say hi to them and gets, my young friend across the pasture, and I down to clean the barn.

He comes over, I walk down the ramp with my crutches, or he follows with the wheelchair and wheels me part way to the golf cart.  Then we get in the cart and drive down to the gate of the barnyard,  he opens the gate, I drive in, he brings the wheelbarrow and closes the gate, and we both go up to the barn.  I go as far as wet grass and incline will allow.  My friend does all the raking, fills the mineral holder, puts wood chips on wet areas, puts away all the rakes and scoopers, takes leaves out of the water trough, and we head back.

My friend can get me all the way back into the house with my wheelchair and then we usually have a snack and play.  What a help he is,  it is hard to remember he is only 7.

Today, I took the golf cart to the fiber shed and hung out there for awhile in the wheelchair.  John took the wheelchair since I still don't have a way to trail it behind the golf cart.  I do have plans, though.

I can get my self down to the barnyard gate but not through it without a helper.  Not a place to use crutches with the uneven terrain, all the rain, and the fast growing grass.  Then I can come back and drive down to the garage (behind the truck in the picture) to see what John is up to, then over to my van if I want.

I can get in the back of the van easily so I can hang out there and take a nap if I want to.  I can NOT drive the van.  The guy who put the boot on me, made it very clear that it is against the law to drive with the boot on.  I could, however, take it off and drive but I would have to be crazy to drive left footed on the narrow, twisty, windy roads around here.

John takes me for rides, so I don't need to drive anywhere.  The crawling is still not all worked out with the awkwardness of the boot but crab walking is O.K. for short distances.  On Sunday, Lyndy came over to visit.  She helped me plant many seedlings that just hadn't made it to the bed by the ramp yet.  Today, the chickens were in that bed and scratched up many of the plants.   As soon as they saw me looking at them, they took off but the damage was done.  Oh well, what can you do. 

I find myself saying that a lot.    I am able to do more and more all the time, though.

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