Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Its Going To Be Interesting

Saturday evening I was up at Lake Robertson where I slid on some pine needles, caught my right foot on a rock, and sat on the ground, knowing immediately that I had broken my right ankle. The sound and the instant swelling clued me in.  The orthopedic surgeon put it well,"A very bad second in a good day".

Now what?    X-rays at the ER on Saturday night confirmed at least two breaks.  My appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, yesterday, added knowledge of a third break, a surgery date of Thursday and no weight on the ankle for 8 weeks.

 I live on a farm with 9 sheep and a llama and 4 chickens. Are they going to understand?  I haven't talked to them in two days but they have seen me, what must they think?

One of the first things that came to mind, was to google,  "farming with a broken leg", but what came up was chicken with a broken leg, what to do with a cow with a broken leg etc.  There was one sight with much help but not geared to the farm.  We will figure out something.  One of the first things John said was, "too bad it is your right leg, if it were your left, you could drive the tractor".

It is scary getting from the house to the car on crutches so that is not going to work.  I can get up and down the steps but the grass and uneveness is dangerous.  Today, I should be able to get a wheel chair so I can get to the car, get down to the barnyard and maybe get up to the gate.

John has been cleaning the barn, but when my friends from accross the pastures get back from their trip I am going to see if the oldest can come and help out.  He helped when we went to see John's mom a few weeks ago.  And the good thing is he likes to get paid in picnics and board games, two things that sound good to me right now.

I truly believe, the most important thing is to keep laughing, and John can take care of that.  On the way back from the doctor's appointment yesterday, John said we needed more chicken food.  When we got home and stopped at the garage/barn, the chickens were there to greet us.  John carried the chicken feed into the garage/barn, all the while telling them it was camel food and not for them.  But they waddled after him anyway.

Yes, it is indeed going to be interesting.


  1. Glad to see you're keeping your sense of humor. I'm sorry this happened to you.

  2. Gosh, I'm sorry about this. Maybe you can work in the shop and John in the barn. Say hi, John!