Sunday, June 23, 2013

I am Tired of THIS already

I guess it means I am getting better if I am starting to get tired of being off my feet.

The highlights of today:
Lyndy came over and helped again and did an amazing job on our refrigerator.
Three friends brought food for our new clean refrigerator.
I got to go up and down the new ramp a couple of times.
A weaving friend brought me some warp yarn so I can weave with some lovely homespun a student brought me.
A couple from Indiana came for a farm tour.

The couple have an alpaca farm in Indiana.  They were at the visitors center and saw we had farm tours and gave a call. So I thought, what the heck.  We went down to the barnyard, they checked out the barn and met the sheep and Cher.  Lyndy gave me a push down to the gate in my wheelchair but I couldn't go in the barnyard because of the roughness of the terrain.

It so happens the guys works with patients in wheelchairs in his work so he gave me a push up to the fiber shed.  First time I have had the strength and energy to get to the fiber shed since my accident.  Andy loved the animals and Elizabeth loved the fiber shed and all my cool equipment.  It was fun having them here.  They have 6 alpacas and are just kind of starting out.  Alway fun to share ideas.

Now I want to check out the Full moon and go to bed.

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