Saturday, April 20, 2013


Rocks in the sink? Not really.  I was thinking last night, as I was trying to think about what I needed to do for today, that most things are not important.  It's not that they aren't important, the details just don't matter so much.  Rocks are important  it just doesn't matter if they are in your sink for awhile.

It is hard to put into words what I am trying to say.  I had been getting stressed out about the fiber event that took place here today.  I was getting so excited for a long while and then at some point I just thought I wanted it to be over.  There is an artists's studio tour that also takes place this weekend and a friend of mine told me some of the artists were getting so stressed and grouchy that their friends wouldn't talk to them.

At one point last night, I went out to the fiber shed to look around and collect myself.  It was right at the time that the police were arresting the Boston Marathon explosion suspect.  I thought about how stressed thousands of Boston area residents were all day, yesterday.  I was getting ready for an exciting event in a beautiful, peaceful spot.  Why should I be stressed out.  What is really important?

It was important, in the quiet of the shed last night, to call my youngest brother and wish him Happy Birthday, 2 days late.  If I hadn't called him last night, I probably wouldn't have thought of it again until tomorrow night, when the fiber event was over, which would have been 4 days late.  He would have thought I didn't remember.

Everything has been out of place for days.  I can't find my phone one minute and my purse the next.  I have been making many lists but I have been misplacing them.  Not important.

I decided it was important that I did what I could to make shearing day as stress free for the sheep, as I could.  It was important that I could share some of the things that are exciting and interesting for me, with others.  It was important that I show my appreciation to ALL who were a part of the event.

Two of the fiber artists that were going to be a part of our event, were not able to make it.  The young photo journalist had something come up.  The wind was so strong this morning that we could not put the tent up.  I got poison ivy a few days ago,  and it keeps moving around.  "It is what it is", as they say.  Important? To who?

Today, things went as they should, I guess?

It was a fabulous day.

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