Saturday, April 13, 2013

Another Round of Thanks

Thanks to my sweetheart of a husband, the fiber shed is done ahead of schedule and I almost have it organized.  Thanks to endorsements from fiber campers and their family,  others are signing up for this summer's camps.  Beverly helped me set up a table at a camp fair.  Thanks to her I didn't have to think about what to put where and she even helped me talk to the parents of perspective campers.  Lyndy has been giving me some excellent advice from the professional standpoint.  Thank you Lyndy.

 Other fiber friends are getting in line to be a part of the Sheep Shearing/ Fiber Art event next weekend, I thank them as well.

One week to go and I am getting very excited.  Rosemary and her sister, two fiber queens, are coming in a few days to help with all the last minute stuff, I am very thankful.

The crazy high 80's days have past and we are back to the 60's- hooray, and thank you God.

And finally, a thank you to the daffodils, the flowers who have been appointed to keep blooming until the rest of the spring flowers are ready to take over beautifying the countryside.  They had to work overtime this year.


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