Friday, May 13, 2011

Must Be Manure Week

I woke up this morning and reminded myself that it was Friday so I could take it easy today. Then I remembered that it is suppose to rain for the next 10 days so I better move some of the MANURE PILE BEFORE THE RAIN STARTED> YOU REALLY CAN"T call it a manure pile anymore-- thanks to the chickens, it is a lovely compost pile.

Loads of worms the size of a small snake, not like the 5 foot black snake I almost stepped on in the barnyard a couple of days ago, but big enough to excite a 4th grade boy/girl. Make a note* Good job for a fiber camper-- moving compost to the garden.

Most people starting up a fiber camp wouldn't hope for campers that can't afford the cost of camp, but I can't wait. I have decided that a good way to get a few things done around here (farm work and fiber prep) is to offer a trade of time working for time adventuring at camp. Hope I will get some takers.

Back to moving the pile, it was going pretty slowly until I remembered you can't pitch with a spade fork you have to use a pitch fork. Make another note*

Three trailer loads of compost moved and a wheel barrel load of weeds out of the dyeing garden. I had to wait for Beau and a few sheep to move over to the big pasture so I could leave some gates open, so I had to do something useful while I waited. Then I did some fiber prep and spun some wool.

Maybe tomorrow I will take it easy.

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