Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It Was Suppose to be Easy

Today was the day to finish up hooves and do the second round on tetanus shots for the lambs. I called Karen because we just haven't seen each other in awhile and I thought it would be easy.

It seemed like everything went wrong, though. We had all but a couple in the barn just as planned but then when we went to close the door several escaped. I think we ended up with a bunch of ewes that did not need anything done, no Annie, and one lamb. We gave that one a shot and then had to round up some more. We got a few more lambs in but when I went to pinch the skin to put the needle under it but it went out the other side into me baby finger which started gushing blood. I went out and found a plantain leaf to wrap it and proceeded on. After that all the lambs got wound up and we were chasing and wrestling. The lambs were so squirmy and I volunteered to hold one and let Karen trim hooves. She cut her hand with the hoof trimmer and went to find a plantain leaf. She went back to holding and one of the lambs scraped her leg good trying to get away. Kids and shots. Seemed like it was much easier the first time around before they knew what was coming. Trimming Annie's hooves seemed simple compared to catching and treating the lambs.

In the end we were tired, bloody, filthy and gouged. It was suppose to be easy.

It was very warm today but this evening wasn't so bad so John and I let the animals go down to the lower pasture when we came home from dinner at the fire house. We sat by the gate and watched them graze. It was so peaceful and everyone returned on cue when it was time to go back.

Last evening they returned but Beau was taking his time so I had the sheep in the little pasture and had the gate between closed. I forgot to put the bungee on the big red gate and they got together and pushed it open and went up by the house and ate leaves off the fruit trees.

That took a while to sort out. Many a gate had to be opened and closed.

Some things are easy but others just seem to unravel. I hope Karen will come back.

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