Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Sweet Amelia

Amelia died suddenly a few weeks ago.  I still feel her presence.  She had the most beautiful locks!  And such luster.  She was a Cotswold. Amelia always let you know she was around.  Like Charlotte and sometimes Gretta, you knew Amelia was beside you or behind you without turning around or looking down.  

Amelia came to live here when she was maybe a week old with her mom, Hildegard from the Frontier Culture Museum.  Amelia had a wonderful life here as one of a flock of 9 sheep.  
She would have been 11 years old in April.  Sheep live, at average, 10-12 years.  Amelia was not an average sheep though.  She was personable and liked kids and having her picture taken.   

Amelia will be missed but never forgotten.