Monday, September 3, 2018

Communications Here and There

I guess I could go to the library to post a blog.

 This computer is becoming very unreliable.  I have gone through 2 used power chargers in as many years.  I think the reason Apple went to a different power hookup was that this one is a bad design.  It is time to to buy a new laptop but I just bought a new loom.

This reminds me of around 40 years ago when I was saving to buy a used car and ended up buying a small sailboat because it was more exciting and fun.

Cars and computers are Not necessities.  Boats and looms fill the Fun need.

This computer is actually charging as I write but  now the cursor is going all over the place.  I can't even find it unless I start typing.

Sheep have such an uncomplicated life!  No computers no phones no communication problems.  If they want me they just BAA.  The geese too, they are just a little louder.

When Gail was here she was taking pictures of the animals and the geese  were fine with it all until she started going toward the sheep.  Then they really put up a fuss.  Did they not want Gail to go toward the sheep OR did they not want to lose the loose attention.

O.K. it isn't always clear to me what is going on with the animals but they seem to understand each other well enough. I wish I could be with those I like to be with more often.  Face to face communication is just SO much better.

It has been a good summer.  Good fiber camps, good get aways,  good visits with family, good product sales,  but I am ready for fall and maybe a new computer since I can't be with the ones I love.

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