Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Goslings Have Arrived 2017

Here they are, pretty amazing.  They hatched May Day or at least 3 of the 4 did.  And already they have been swimming,  gone out with the sheep and over to the cabin and up the driveway.  They are getting better at following but it seems like every time the adults move, there is always at least one that is eating and not paying attention and then has to figure out how to get where the others are.

Tonight, it is raining and when I went down, THEY WERE ALL IN THE GOOSE RUN.

Earlier, when all the animals were out and about, I was sitting and pulling leaves off some peach and cherry branches I had pruned, to use for dyeing.  What a peaceful, beautiful afternoon. This was after I had walked 3 miles, ran some errands, pruned a shrub and two trees, weedwacked, and mowed part of the lawn.  I guess it has been a busy day for all at Cabin Spring Farm.

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