Tuesday, December 6, 2016

More Reflections

I have been taking my camera down to the barnyard more, lately-- actually, when I saw the reflection in the puddle pond (Dec.6th post) I went up to the house to get my camera.

 I am often disappointed when things are so incredibly beautiful in real time with the human eye and then a photo, of same, does not reflect the amazingness.  Occasionally you get an interesting illusion or some interesting angle or special effect but that is not the same.  Actually, I like both.

Last summer, a photographer friend of Beverly's showed us some photos of reflections he took that were incredible!  I have been noting reflections, from a photographic stand point, ever since.  That awakening, I think, is what it is all about.  I think reflections are God's way of encouraging us to pay attention to what is around us.  Why else would the trees and barns be upside down.

 One of the perks of living in a "just right house" must be a greater awareness of the natural beauty that surrounds us and a sense of peace.  That is my hope for Lyndy.  Actually, Lyndy is one who is already in awe of nature but one can never be too full.

The last time I visited the tiny house, I was reflecting on ALL the hours of working, imagining, and dreaming,  that went in to that build.  One of our jobs, this last time, was to reinstall the skylight in the sleeping loft that was taken out for transporting.  Now Lyndy can study an upside down tree and reflect.

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